Aired Broadcast Videos

Broadcast videos aired on NYU Now, a weekly live webcast hosted by Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute via

Published Videos

Short news videos contributed to CooperSquared news website, showcases the best worksNYU Journalism

Videos Contributed to Morocco World News, an English language e-newspaper about Morocco and MENA region.

Documentary Shorts

Outbreak Goldfish: a self-portrait documentary about my pandemic experience. It is an experiment of multi-screen and frame-within-frame narrative, which leads the audience to switch between reality and illusion.

Awards & Nominees

  • Flint Film Festival 2022 (Directing, Cinematography, and Best Nonfiction awards in the 22-25 age category), Michigan, USA
  • Colortape International Film Festival 2022 (Best Adaption Documentary Film Award), Australia
  • FILMESQUE CineFest 2022 (nominee), New York, USA
  • Boundless Film Festival 2022 (nominee), London, UK
  • London International Monthly Film Festival 2022 (honorable mention), London, UK

Ashes of Time in Plato: A short documentary focuses on an independent cafe located in Beijing, China, and the immigrant workers' story during the early COVID-19.

Audio / Podcast

Associated podcast producer for The Creative Process podcast channel on Spotify and Apple.