I am pursuing a master's degree in New & Documentary at New York University (graduate in Dec 2025). I also hold a BA from NYU in Broadcast Journalism and Cinema Studies, with a minor in Anthropology. 

I have lived in China, Hong Kong, Morocco, Peru, the UK, and now am based in New York. My multilingual / multicultural / traveling experience has guided me to become a curious, thoughtful, and sensitive storyteller.

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VIDEO: Outraged Chinese diasporas protest against the zero-COVID policy

If you went to the New York Halloween parade this year, did you see a group of 30 people dressed up in white medical suits and holding signs with Chinese characters? The long-going zero-COVID policy and violence against citizens in China have aroused anger of the Chinese diasporas.

Most of the protesters were students and new immigrants, who still have families in China facing months-long governmental COVID-19 lockdowns and inhumane treatment from the government. Sparked by a recent incident in

VIDEO: ‘Women, Life, Freedom’: New York rally held in solidarity for Iranian women’s rights

Chants of “Women, life, freedom!” and “Say her name, Masha Amani” echoed throughout downtown Manhattan, as hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets in support of the ongoing women’s rights movement in Iran on Oct. 1. In this video, Niyoosha Ahmadikhoo, one of the rally organizers and an NYU alum, shares her thoughts and feelings on her home country.

FEATURE: Stanley Goldberg’s health may decline, but his husband’s support remains strong

Recently, Goldberg had lost enthusiasm for his old passions and interests. Maybe it was due to his worsening physical condition, or a side effect of his sickness, but he’d become less keen about taking photos, unwilling to pull up the images on the computer and edit them. He’d also gotten picky about his favorite dishes, when he’d always been a lover of good food.

“That’s hard to watch on somebody, to watch them lose interest in the things that they have enjoyed their whole life,” Daniels said.

“And I, as a storyteller, as a filmmaker, and as a citizen, I felt that it's my responsibility to expose, to reveal, to raise awareness so people could see.”

Nanfu Wang